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As a therapist and counsellor, I treat my clients with respect and care, interacting with them as equals. I draw on all the empathy, experience, expertise and methods at my disposal to enhance your personal development and activate your resources. I believe in working with you to find an individual approach tailored to your needs, as every one of us is unique. And let’s not forget about humour, which can be helpful in coping with difficult situations. 


Our first session is all about getting to know one another, assessing the situation and setting goals. We will then plan the next steps, depending on the situation that has brought you to therapy or counselling, and discuss how many sessions you need to attend and how often. During the counselling and therapy process, we will regularly discuss how we work together and the extent to which it is helping, and make any changes necessary. 


I have a duty of confidentiality towards my clients and adhere to the FSP Code of Ethics.

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