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Ego-state therapy is an efficient psychotherapeutic approach developed by John and Helen Watkins. Every individual has various ‘sides’ or ‘parts’ of their personality of which they are more or less aware. Difficulties can arise when different ego states come into conflict with one another or we become stuck in a state of fear, trauma or anger. This can be expressed through symptoms such as anxiety, compulsive behaviour or dissociation, but also in the form of difficulty in making decisions, feelings of worthlessness or of being trapped in old behaviour patterns. The aim of the therapy is to make you conscious of important states, and to work with them in order to bring about resolution and improve the way the different parts of your personality communicate with each other. This inner “democratisation” will boost your ability to self-regulate and to act in your long-term best interest.


Resource therapy, as developed by Gordon Emmerson, emerged from ego-state therapy.  Here, the therapist brings the parts of the personality that need to change into the conscious, so they can be worked with directly. This often facilitates a quicker and longer-lasting change. 

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