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>  I will be happy to support you and your partner in coping with

- Relationship crises

- Escalating fighting and conflict

- Estrangement and lack of intimacy

- Sexual problems

- Infidelity

- Parenting conflicts

- Lack of shared perspective

- Thinking of separation / divorce

- Separation

Couples therapy offers a safe space in which the two partners can find new ways of relating to one another. As moderator and translator, I help couples to move beyond negative interaction patterns and foster their mutual understanding. In this way, feelings and needs become clearer and easier to communicate. Analysing unhelpful behaviour patterns enables couples to identify, explore and try out the options for change.


Systemic couples therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy, ego-state therapy, mediation

A couples session lasts for 75 minutes

A couples session costs CHF 260, incl. preparation and paperwork

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