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>  I will be happy to support you in coping with 

- Crises

- Stress and related disorders

- Burnout and exhaustion

- Effects of trauma

- Anxiety and panic attacks

- Mood disorders

- Addictive disorders

- Questioning the meaning of life

- Relationship or family problems

- Fear of commitment, fear of intimacy

- Grief and loss

- Personality development

- Low self-esteem

- Biography work

The key element of psychotherapy is the relationship between therapist and client. As an empathetic and interested listener, I will help you to go through change processes and achieve your goals, and encourage you to treat yourself with more mindfulness and compassion.  


Integrative Gestalt and systemic therapy, clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, ego-state and resource therapy, relaxation techniques, imaginative and body-oriented techniques

An individual session lasts for 50 minutes

An individual session costs CHF 170, including preparation and paperwork

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